terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2016

Through the Looking-glass

"I wish I could get throught into looking-glass house," Alice said. "Let's pretend that the glass has gone soft and... Why, I do believe it has! It's turning into a kind of cloud!"
A moment later Alice is inside the looking-glass world. There she finds herself part of a great game of chess, travelling through forests and jumping across brooks. The chess pieces talk and argue with her, give orders and repeat poems...
It is the strangest dream that anyone ever had...

Oxford Bookworms Starters provide enjoyable books for students starting to read in English. The carefully graded stories are fully supported by clear, high-quality illustrations.

Queres desvendar este mistério? E melhorar o teu inglês? Então este livro é para ti!
Vem requisitá-lo e entrarás nesta fantástica aventura!
Já está disponível na Biblioteca!

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